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The Cast

Stephanie Hyden

Reed Daniels

Chris J Miller

Jason Bortz

Keenan Johnston

Amelia Belle


Pamela Finney

West Ramsey

Rafael Siegel

Tim Fua

Jacob Vuksinich

Millie Warren

Marc Gardner

Dan Beard

Jessica Benz

Sandhal Galbraith

David Chernyavsky 

Brennan Villados

Chuck Highbaugh

Mars Homeworld

The Crew

Gwen Conklin

Greg Parrish

Richard Altenbach

John Jimenez

Carlos Hernandez

Cara Newman

Melody Furry

Amy Slockbower

Michael Hunten

Sandhal Galbraith

West Ramsey

The Film Makers

Christina Marie

Director, Producer- THE DARK

Christina Marie is a Writer, Producer, Director, and Actress with over 30 years experience in the entertainment business. She obtained her Theater Arts degree from Sacramento State with a Minor in Music.  After working on the stage for several professional theaters, she converted to film with Man on the Moon, working alongside Jim Carey and Courtney Love.

She has written more than 10 feature-length screenplays, Directed several commercial projects, and Co-directed 2 features.  Christina's Producing experience includes developing eight Features for her latest project, INDIEWOOD, a planned community development based on the needs of the Creative Class and the Indie Film Industry; and the funding & production of  "Dance of the Marionettes".  Christina has also produced several shorts, commercials, & live events at Arco Arena, Oakland Coliseum, and Westfield Plaza.

As a Sacramento native, she has an innate sense of pride for Sacramento and feels that the Capitol needs to serve as an example of what the 9th largest economy in the world should be.  She works with government offices  in an effort to bring more sustainability to Independent Film making in Northern CA.

In her spare time she serves as the Interim Executive Director for the Capitol Indie Collective and mentors aspiring filmmakers and actors. She looks forward to Directing and Producing "The Dark" with Justin Crose.


Justin Crose

Director- THE DARK

​Justin Crose is a Writer, Director, and Actor.  In 2009 Crose directed his first short film. In 2010 Justin Crose received the award for Best Supporting Male Actor at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival in a film that he Co-wrote and Co-directed.  Since then he has acted in over a dozen short films, written and directed several short films as well as several commercials for brands, and he was recently hired as the director for a Sacramento based Internet Series.

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